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IGCSE & AS level


  • Cambridge IGCSE and AS level are international qualifications equivalent to grade 11 and 12.
  • Clonard offers a comprehensive course to prepare you for the Cambridge International Exams including assignments and internal exams set and marked by experienced Cambridge teachers.
  • Clonard offers subject choice advice to ensure access to Cambridge AS levels (matric equivalent).
  • Clonard advises on exam registration with The British Council for external Cambridge exams.


The Clonard programme can be completed entirely from home. Clonard provides you with all the learning material and valuable teacher support to prepare for your external Cambridge IGCSE and AS level exams.

Cambridge International Examinations are written at official examination centres throughout the country.

Study Packs

Each subject will have a course pack containing everything that you need in order to prepare for the final examinations.

• Textbooks and answer guides
• Detailed work schedules
• Assignments and Cloanrd internal examinations
• Assistance via email from our qualified and experienced Cambridge teachers
• Links to past Cambridge examination papers
• Online feedback sessions


There are assignments for each subject that sent out and retruned via email. These assignments are linked to the work schedules and are set by the subject teacher. It is important that the student completes and submits these assignments by the due dates so that progress can be monitored and students are exposed to the types of questions set by CIE. The marked assignments, together with comprehensive feedback and guidelines, will be returned to the students electronically.


• Along with the assignments there are internal Clonard examinations. Assessments are set by the subject teacher and moderated by Dr Huntley. Comprehensive written feedback to all assignments and internal exams will be given to students.
• No reports will be issued as all marked assignments and internal exams will be returned to students.
• External Cambridge International Examination sittings in May/June and Oct/Nov. External exams are set and marked by examiners at CIE.

Subjects currently offered by Clonard

Clonard has selected the following subjects to be offered at this level. We will expand these subject choices to best cater for our students’ needs. Correct IGCSE subjects will lead to subjects choices in AS level that could open doors to a variety of careers in the sciences, medicine, engineering and commerce fields and industries. The subjects are listed below in alphabetical order.

• Accounting
• Afrikaans - Second Language
• Biology
• Business Studies
• Chemistry
• English - First Language
• History - International
• Mathematics - Extended
• Physics

In order to qualify to write your AS levels (matric equivalent) there are subject choice rules that must be adhered to at IGCS - contact us for more informaiton. 

If Clonard does not offer a subject that you would like to do, you can register directly with Cambridge. You would then be responsible for your own preparation of the Cambridge Examinations.


Once registration has been completed with Clonard, students will need to register as private candidates to write the Cambridge International Examinations in order to gain their IGCSE or AS level qualification. Clonard is not a registered Cambridge school. In order to write your Cambridge exams you will need to register via the British Council or one of the registered Cambridge schools that accepts private candidates. Clonard will assist you with the contact information for the Birtish Council in South Africa and help guide you through the registration process. Clonard's programme will ensure that you have the correct textbooks and all the valuable teacher support that you will need in order to prepare to write the Cambridge exams as an independent candidate.



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  • “I would like to commend the staff, whom I had the pleasure of dealing with, Amy, Bibi and Bernice to name a few, who went above and beyond to assist us. The staff and teachers have proven that service delivery still exists and money isn’t their core business ethic like many other companies these days. I would recommend Clonard in a heartbeat over any other system.” ~ Bibi Hoosain 

  • “Everyone at Clonard has been exceptionally helpful, professional, good hearted, kind and patient with both my son and I when I needed it the most.  It has been a pleasure dealing with Clonard and an experience that I will never forget.” ~ Shaamila Safedien

  • “I have really enjoyed the time we have spent working through your wonderful materials. Thank you for all your support and help in the homeschooling process.”
    ~ Tamryn Paterson

  • "The kids are so looking forward to finishing school with Clonard. Your system works! The kids have learned so much because the work is set out well and it is easy to understand."
    ~ Nicola Shore

  • “We have had the most amazing year home schooling with Clonard! I am deeply grateful to Clonard for providing us with such a comprehensive syllabus so that Aidan was able to keep up with his education despite his health issues.”
    ~ Debra & Russell Orffer-Brown

  • "I believe that homeschooling - when done in the disciplined and methodical manner which Clonard's system makes so easy - should be considered by all parents fortunate enough to have the opportunity.  It is a very easy programme to follow and very well planned.  The staff are always friendly and very accomodating."
    ~ Lorraine Windsor

  • “An educational psychologist advised us that our grade 7 son would not be able to go on to obtain a matric. We refused to accept that and thanks to three years of one-on-one tuition using the Clonard curriculum he returned to a mainstream school and achieved his matric. He then went on to attend a computer college where he was top of his class! We know that Clonard works and is easy to follow and teach if you are not a qualified teacher.”
    ~ Sheelagh and John Tingle

  • “The Clonard ladies are just the most professional people I have had the pleasure of dealing with!”
    ~ Vanessa Jorge

  • “My daughter went off to high school at the beginning of this year after six years of home education with Clonard from the time she was just 8 years old.  She has done so well, academically and socially, achieving a good solid B aggregate for the first term and doing particularly well in Maths.  She is at one of the best-rated schools in our province which makes her achievement (and Clonard’s) particularly striking.  I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Clonard for the years of guidance and help.  During our six years of home education, it was wonderful to know that help and advice was always just a phone call away. Thank you so much!”
    ~ Louise

  • “I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and Clonard for the exceptional service and support that you have rendered to us.  Thanks again and I will most certainly recommend Clonard to anyone who is considering distance learning for their children.”
    ~ Yusuf Gani

  • “This is Sara's last year at Clonard, she will be starting at our local high school next year.  Our headmaster is very impressed with her marks and says her marks are even better than some of the children that come from the private schools.  So thank you for such a wonderful syllabus and all Clonard's help and support.”  
    ~ Diane Weitsz

  • “We want to compliment your team and the excellent syllabus that you provided for our daughter over the years which enabled her to score an A in her entrance test for Grade 8.  Please express our appreciation and heartfelt thanks to all.  We will readily recommend the school to anyone for the excellent support and commitment.”
    ~Ismail & Roogsana Jhazbhai

  • “I am extremely happy about having chosen to educate my son through Clonard.  Clonard staff have always been ready to help me, whether it was with applications for the Department of Education or to repeatedly remind me of my son's student number.  I would gladly recommend Clonard to anyone looking to home school their children.”
    Zaheera Jooma

  • "Tom is a potent reader, at the age of 9 he reads all newspapers and National Geographics. He reads quickly with a sharp understanding of what he is reading. I thank Clonard for leading him to this point, those early reading books were fantastic."
    ~ Osnat de Villiers

  • "I have tried other curriculums and found that they did not provide the same excellent service that I have experienced through Clonard.  The staff are efficient, friendly and helpful and the teachers are always available if you have any concerns or if you just need some advice.  The curriculum takes care of every aspect of your child's education, the books are easy to follow for the parent and the child, which makes it so much more fun and in turn achieves better results.  I would recommend Clonard Education to anyone who is looking at home schooling their children, it is a reputable provider that obtains amazing results, and leaves the parent at peace knowing that every avenue of their child’s education is in good hands."
    ~ Tamara Seagreen

  • "Setting a high standard and laying a sound foundation for your children's future." 
    ~ Ackermann family

  • "Clonard provided me with everything I needed to Homeschool my son and my daughter.  Neither one ever went to public school.  I am not a formally trained teacher, but Clonard provided me with the learning material and teacher support that I needeed.  My children have never lacked in any area and my 18yr old son has grown in responsibility and maturity far beyond his years as a result of homeschooling.  He now leads and guides 3 full installation crews, is well adjusted and outgoing with others.  Thank you Mike, Virginia and your team for your unfailing support throughout my years as a homeschooling mother." 
    ~ Fiona

  • "We are finding the course material easy to use and our little one is enjoying the work. I have actually been wanting to let you know, that we had our little one assessed recently, by a Grade 1 teacher at a local school.  Firstly she far prefers your work books to the work books that they are provided with.  She also felt that the standard of your work is far higher than in the average classroom, and after having looked through my sons books she feels that he is for more advanced than the children in her Grade 1 classroom.  I owe that all to Clonard.  Your books give just enough to keep the children stimulated and enough repetition to ensure that they fully understand the concept, without me having to spend hours finding additional worksheets etc.  Well done on a great curriculum." 
    ~ Jacqui Botes

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